Salclear DMist and DMist+ are high performance anti fog, defog, and demister products for the prevention of fogging on glass and plastic sports eyewear.

Salclear is a brand name synonymous with leading edge antifog, antimist, and defog technology for all sorts of eyewear including goggles, scuba masks, visors, sports sunglasses, spectacles as well as mirrors and windows..

We are THE leading UK producer of proprietary antifog products for the sports world; and our individual range of products are formulated and produced by our own chemical technologists in order to provide cutting edge performance for scuba diving, swimming, running and athletics, motorbiking, mountainbiking, ski, paintball and many more applications.

... but our technology just doesn't produce your ordinary demister or defog, which can be found in almost any sports, swimming or scuba shop. Our products give the added benefits of water and humidity resistance..... effectively this means that you need to use less, and the demist characteristics last for much longer.

Salclear DMist and DMist+ were created as value added products to our demister range. The same performance in a handy sized packed that can be carried in any bumbag or pocket. See our product info page for more details:

We've created a variety of different demister antifog products, simply to cater for the many and varied uses... and obviously the vastly different needs on any particular set of eyewear.









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